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There are no split loyalties at Gotham Block. We work for you, delivering investment and planning advice that gives you confidence about your finances.

Goal Based Portfolios

It is difficult to take appropriate risks without having specific financial goals. We put clients' aims at the heart of the design of investment strategies.

Beyond Investments

We are always just a phone call away with expert advice on insurance, taxes, estate planning, and other critical topics. You save time and get the best advice.

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Our mission is for you to achieve your life goals. Having confidence that you’re making the right financial decisions is critical to this. Over time, life creates a complicated financial picture. We cut through the clutter and strengthen your financial future.

Grow Your Assets

Build unique goal-based portfolios using a quantitative, evidence-based approach to investing.

Maximize Your Equity Awards

Balance your employer stocks and options awards via sound hedging strategies and stay protected against the risk of a loss.

Minimize Taxes

Take a holistic approach to tax planning, avoid unexpected tax liabilities and save money in the long run.