Your finances, simplified.

Dealing with finances doesn’t have to be another part of your job.

- Jan Pevzner, CFP®, EA

Even if you have strong financial knowledge and can understand the fine print, doing the research and making up your mind on big financial decisions can take time and energy you’d rather use for living your life.

Maybe you’re a professional managing too many client accounts and customer relationships to put time and energy into your own finances. Maybe you have a family you love and hobbies you’d like to pursue, and you need to find a way to support your dream for them on your salary.

Maybe your research into stock options, equity compensation taxes, your 401k, and your future vacations has just reminded you that there is endless advice on the internet, but much of it is from amateurs or people just trying to sell a product.

No matter what your situation, if big financial decisions are on the horizon for you, you’re probably facing a lot of tough choices, complicated details, and uncertain outcomes. It can help to have someone to bounce ideas off of—a listening ear with the expertise to give you qualified advice that’s tailored to your goals, unique situation, and values.

We are here to walk by your side

Gotham Block is an investment advisory service helping busy professionals like you to balance their equity compensation and portfolio risks.

We are a Registered Investment Advisor offering fiduciary financial planning and investment management services that put the focus on clients’ lives, values, and futures.

When you partner with a personal financial advisor from Gotham Block, you’ll be signing up for more than everyday financial advice… you will get:

  • A dedicated supporter who’s always in your corner.
  • The security of knowing your financial advisor is not being paid commissions to suggest suboptimal products or services.
  • Relief from the day-to-day uncertainty about whether you’re making the best financial decisions.
  • Confidence to get moving on your plans, knowing that you’ve prepared and weighed all the options.
  • Someone who’s qualified to do the research legwork for you and present you with clear options.
  • Not just a service, but a relationship with a trusted advocate who’s got your best interests at heart.


My career began in 1995 on Salomon Brothers’ trading floor. While at Salomon, and later Citi, I worked as an equity derivatives trader and a quant witnessing the global structured products market’s early years.

After several fascinating years at Salomon, around 2005, I joined Deutsche Bank. At Deutsche, I headed an equity derivatives desk overseeing options market-making on the International Stock Exchange, now Nasdaq ISE.

After Deutsche, I focused on systematic trading and founded Gotham Block (formerly GreenBox). My work led me to a greater understanding of quantitative approaches to investment management and behavioral finance.

Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent, and original manner possible.

- Richard Feynman

Professional Networks

Certified Financial Planner professionals meet rigorous education, training, and ethical standards and are committed to serving their clients’ best interests.

An Enrolled Agent is a professional designation issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to empower a tax practitioner to represent clients before the IRS.

National Association of Personal Financial Advisors is a financial planning organization created in 1983 to expand the use of fee-only financial advisors by individual consumers.

The Financial Planning Association®
is the leading membership organization for CFP® professionals and those engaged in the financial planning process.


  • CFP® – Certified Finanical Planner™
  • EA – Enrolled agent with the IRS
  • Financial Planning Certificate, New York University
  • MS Scientific Computing, University at Buffalo
  • BS Mathematics, University at Buffalo
  • BS Computer Science, University at Buffalo