As your career and family grow, your financial life grows, as well. You have a mix of past and present 401(k) plans, company stocks, stock options, real estate, IRAs, and more. These often collect haphazardly, so how can they be made to best fit your plans for today and your goals for tomorrow? At Gotham Block, we’re experts in optimizing and monitoring your varied accounts to match your risk and hit your goals.


Finances go far beyond investments and reach deeply into all aspects of our lives. Nowadays, it is easy to gather copious amounts of information. How do you judge its credibility and utility to separate the wheat from the chaff? We help you make confident and informed decisions by reducing complexity.


It’s important to get off to a strong, fast start, so in our first few meetings teamed up together, we will assess your finances, address pressing issues, develop goals, build your portfolio, and start putting your plan into action.

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Collect all your financial document and store them in a secure online vault.
Establish comprehensive short-, medium-, and long-term goals.
Assess your personal and professional financial situations as they impact your goals.
Implement strategies that maximize your ability to meet your goals while minimizing tax consequences.
Continually track all elements of your financial picture, including changes in your personal life, career, and tax law.